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        Tianmanfushi ,the leader in workwear industry

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         Henan Tianman Garment Co.Ltd founded in 1999 which is located at the foot of The beatiful Baotianman World Nature Reserves.The company is a normative modern enterprise ,devoting professional garment design and processing business,integrating industry and trade."Tianman Element" "Postdoctor" "Yeao" are our garment brands and we  have independent intellectual property Rights.In the past 15 years,Tianman has made unremitting efforts,hold careful attitude, employed a group of experienced designers,introduced the most advanced production equipment and perfect management system,Focusing on the uniform design and production.We have won general customers' consistent high praise.Our customers involved in real estate group,foreign-owned enterprise,government,Medical Institution,banking house,chain catering industrie,schools and some other industries.Our productions cover business suits,bank,insurance,aviation,star hotels,supermarkets,factories, mines and enterprises,Group enterprise or business units' uiniforms and workwears.We firmly believe that the pursuit of perfection of clothing and customer-oriented business philosophy is the guarantee of quality.And What we sold is not only the high quality products and perfect after-sales service, but also your company outstanding image.

         If your need further information,please visit www.mingkem.com We are very keen to serve you.